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North Carolina Traffic Offenses Cost Clients Inceased Insurance Premiums

Lumberton N. C. is situated on Interstate 95 where numbers of speeding and other traffic tickets are written by the Highway Patrolmen stationed in Robeson County, North Carolina. The numbers of tickets going to Robeson County Court are on the rise now that the state is in desperate need of revenue.

Officers are writing tickets for infractions as little as 8 or 9 miles over the speed limit.

Not only do these tickets cost motorists fines and costs in court, but they also jack up insurance premiums ten per cent or more for all cars on a policy. And these increases can affect motorists’ policies for three years.

The remedy is to get the charges dismissed or change the charge to one which will not trigger serious surcharges on the motorist’s insurance.

A local traffic ticket attorney, especially for an out-of-state motorist, is desirable if not a necessity.

With over 35 years of experience in the Robeson County Courts, both as a state prosecutor and as defense counsel, Lumberton N. C. lawyer Woodberry “Woody” Bowen has the background to handle traffic cases in a way that minimizes license points and insurance points, thus saving motorists hundreds of dollars on liability insurance premiums.

Court can take a full day and often the client cannot get as good a deal from the DA that the experienced lawyer is able to get. Stay at work and let us do what we are trained to do. Having a good lawyer usually doesn’t cost, it pays.

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