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No one much thought that tall, slender, Lumberton trial lawyer Woodberry (Woody) Bowen would be the type to roar across North America headed for Alaska on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

Call it a midlife crisis, I suppose. I had just finished a three month long trial defending Daniel Green, a man accused of the capital murder of Michael Jordan’s father, James Jordan. The jury spared his life, but mine had been in turmoil for those several months of intense trial and over a year of preparation. Worldwide press coverage was relentless as conspiracy theories flew.

Then a little over 50, I decided just after the trial that the trek of a lifetime was then or never, so I joined several of my lawyer friends, jumped on my Harley Davidson Soft Tail and headed for Alaska. The trip lasted 28 days and spanned 10,300 miles. My roommate was the former Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, and the fellowship with him and several other lawyers and their families on our trip made for memories as incredible as the breathtaking scenery along roadways of the Western United States, Canada and the territories.

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