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David & Goliath

November 30, 2010

In the Bible, David didn't go up against the giant Goliath without his trusty slingshot and the experience to use it. If you have a just claim for an accident on the road or at work we have a trusty slingshot. It's the Law. And after over 1000 jury trials over 35 years of practice we know how to use the Law to try to get you a just result in your case. Get on even footing with the Goliath insurance company. I'm Woody Bowen.

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Fighting For Premiums

November 30, 2010

Ever notice how insurance companies fight hard in ads on TV to make you their client and get your premiums? They're fighting just as hard to deny or delay your claim so you'll accept less than your claim is really worth. You've been the victim of an accident. Don't also become the victim of an insurance company's unfair claims practices.

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For You, Not Against You

November 30, 2010

Are you or a loved hurt from a car wreck that wasn't your fault? You'd better know your rights fast-because the folks at the insurance company sure know theirs. The slogan at some insurance companies ought to be "when there's a claim then you're to blame".

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Insurance Company Unfairness

November 30, 2010

In your accident case if you feel you've been fair and just with your claims but the insurance company hasn't, you probably need our help. 35 years of trial experience has given us the savvy to anticipate the ways in which some insurance companies systematically deny or delay just claims to make more money-- at accident victims' expense. Even the odds, balance the scales. I'm Woody Bowen. You should be justly and promptly compensated and that's our stand.

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The Ultimate Jury Question

November 30, 2010

When the car wreck case goes to trial the ultimate damages question for the jury is this: What amount would a reasonable person who is an innocent victim of an accident expect to be paid to endure the medical costs, the pain, the lost pay and benefits from work, and the disability which the plaintiff in the case had to endure? Has the adjuster offered you a just amount for a just claim in your case?

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We Work For You

November 30, 2010

Are you an innocent accident victim? And let me guess: the insurance adjuster wants you to give a recorded statement? Don't! Not until you know your rights and know how that insurance company intends to use that statement.

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Where Is Your Case Going?

November 29, 2010

The adjuster in your case knows where he or she is going in your case. Do you? The insurance company will likely delay or even unjustly deny your claim because they know that if they can stall long enough you'll get desperate and accept that little settlement they are offering. Settling claims on the cheap is how they make money for stockholders and bonuses and promotions for themselves. Find out where your case is going if you don't get help.

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